Who doesn’t like outdoor recreation? Every season is filled with outdoor fun such as camping, boating, skiing or quick get-away at a Bed and Breakfast. As owners and operators of a recreational business, it is wise to procure specialize insurance for your recreation and hospitality business. But do you know which kind of recreation insurance you need?

What falls under the umbrella of recreation? A large number of activities including archery/shooting ranges, Bed and Breakfasts, dude ranches, outfitter/fishing guides, RV parks and campgrounds, hunting and fishing lodges and ski resorts, to name just a few. Coverage of these entities varies from state to state. 

Coverage comes in a number of forms:

  • General Liability covers any accidental bodily injury that might happen to your employees or clientele. The coverage needed depends on what type of services you are providing.

  • Property Coverage includes equipment breakdown, vacancy clauses or damage to buildings or permanently install fixtures such as playground equipment, boat docks or RV hook ups. You can’t operate if your equipment is broken.


  • Business Interruption coverage includes closure due to food or water contamination, contagious illnesses or other health related reasons in which you can not be open for business.


  • Supplemental coverage for hiking, horseback riding, boating and swimming and other activities can be added to your policy to make sure you have covered all your bases.

Here at Penner Fink we can help you decide concerning the items that are often refused or limited by basic policies such as climbing walls, skate parks, pool slides, hayrides or fireworks. We can help you find coverage for these specialties.

Many companies will not cover recreational businesses without a caretaker present on the premises. You may also want to check on additional coverage for large special events, the use of ATV’s and liquor sales.

There is a lot to consider when you offer recreation to the public. You want them to have a wonderful time in the great outdoors, but also want to make sure your business is covered so the fun can continue. An insurance broker, such as Penner and Fink, can match you with the right insurance company to ensure that each of your specialties is covered. The proper coverage can ease your mind as your clientele enjoy their visit at your facility.