There is a little horse lover in all of us. But for those who are equine professionals, horses are not just an expensive hobby. Horse owners, and those who support them in various ways, are dedicated to a high level of commitment to protect their investment. One way to protect your investments is by purchasing Horse Stable Insurance.

Insurance coverage of animal related businesses should be specific and thorough. Depending upon your involvement in the business, there are policies tailor-made for your specific property and operational needs. These businesses included:

  • Horse boarding
  • Horse breeding
  • Riding lessons
  • Teaching clinics
  • Stable owners
  • Farriers
  • Veterinary, acupuncture, dentistry and other medical treatments

So depending upon your specific specialty or facility, insurance brokers such as Penner and Fink, can help you find the exact coverage you need to protect yourself and your equine friends.

Insurance coverage generally falls into these major categories. General Liability covers accidents on your premises, injury to the animal and coverage of whatever professional service you provide. Farm Property coverage will take care of your dwellings, outbuildings, personal property and the disruption of your business. Optional Enhancements cover a number of unique items, but basically covers the care and custody of the animals and any Professional or Property Endorsements made by other people.

Don’t horse around! Make sure you and your horsey friends and clientele are covered for any unforeseen problems when under your care or in your facility. Penner and Fink can round up specific policies to keep you and your critters safe.