If you own a business and have tried to get insurance for your business, you may have been told that your business has been denied coverage from one or more companies. When you have higher liability or risk, we call it hard to place risk, and finding insurance for your business can be challenging.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in finding insurance for hard to place risk businesses. We have a network of specialty markets that we can access for your insurance needs.

Here are a few examples of these types of businesses:

  • Special Events
  • Security Guard Operations
  • Storage Tanks
  • Rental Store
  • Bar/Tavern
  • Limousine Company
  • Taxi company
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Amusement Company
  • Guided Tour Company
  • Bus Company
  • Blasting Services
  • Campground
  • Horse Stable
  • Short Haul Trucking Company

As you can see, there are many others that could be included on this list, but there’s just not room enough to list every possible business that could be classified as hard to place risk. But, you get the picture that these businesses could have more risk or liability that many insurance carriers would just rather not deal with.

Hard to place risk businesses, like the name implies are hard to find insurance for. But, we have a lot of experience finding insurance for this type of business and we can get results when most other companies would just turn you away.

The difference is in our network of specialized markets that we can use to find a carrier that will take on your business. It makes sense to go to someone who specializes in this type of insurance because otherwise, you may not be able to find coverage at all.

So, if your business needs insurance and you want to find the best coverage available for your risk group, give us a call. You could save a lot of headache and run-around by calling us first.