You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up. From humble beginnings operating out of your garage to now overseeing a flourishing company. You’ve given blood, sweat and tears to make it a success. The last thing you want is for an unexpected incident to undermine all that hard work and investment. That’s why having the right general liability insurance coverage is crucial.

A general liability policy protects your business from third-party claims. These could include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury (like libel or slander), and advertising injury. If a client trips and falls at your place of business, a general liability policy could cover their medical bills. If an employee accidentally backs into a customer’s car in the parking lot, it could pay for repairs. What if someone sues you for something you said or published about a competitor? General liability has you covered there too.

But even with general liability insurance in place, there are still risks that standard policies may exclude from coverage. Unfortunately, you could expose yourself without even realizing it. Issues could include cybercrime events, data breaches, professional negligence claims, employment practice violations, or environmental damage. Most general liability policies leave gaping holes around perils like these.

Customized General Liability Solutions

That’s where having an independent insurance broker in your corner becomes invaluable. Captive agents who can only sell policies from their parent company. But an independent broker like Penner & Fink Insurance can shop a wide variety of providers. From there, they can customize a general liability solution that accounts for your business’s unique risks and potential blind spots.

The team at Penner & Fink has decades of experience solving complex commercial insurance needs. Because of this, they deeply understand the nuances and exclusions that can leave businesses vulnerable. Their expertise allows them to analyze each client’s operations with a critical eye. Because of this, they gain crystal clear insight into areas that require enhanced or supplemental coverage options.

For example, perhaps your business has unique cybersecurity exposures based on the nature of your work and data handled. Similarly, maybe you operate machinery that creates environmental impairment concerns outside the scope of a standard general liability policy. Whatever risks are keeping you up at night, the insurance brokers near you at Penner & Fink can wrap tailored protections around those potential pitfalls.

Reassess Your Risks Periodically

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re covered simply because you have a general liability policy. Periodically reassessing your risks with a professional broker is critical, because your liabilities can evolve as your business grows and industrial landscapes shift. The local insurance agents at Penner & Fink will take the time to truly understand your operations. This will help them illuminate any potential problems around excluded perils that could leave you dangerously exposed.

Reach out today for an insurance review. Then, let these trusted advisors ensure you have the right general liability solution. They will also make sure it’s crafted for maximum protection and peace of mind. After years of hard work building your business, you deserve to reap the rewards instead of being derailed by risks hiding in plain sight. Let Penner & Fink shine a light on the path forward.