Just as there are vast difference between a Model T and a Tesla, so are the differences between regular car insurance and collectors car insurance. Most importantly to you is the cost. Did you know that insuring a classic car is actually cheaper than a car for every day use? But hold on before you go cross-country in your convertible Thunderbird… there are a few things that factor in to classic car insurance.

How do you know if your car qualifies as a collector or classic? Well there are a few things your beauty must pass to be claimed as such. First your car needs to be at least 25 to 30 years old or unique, rare, or of limited production. It must also be in well enough condition that it holds or exceeds its value.

Your classic car cannot be for commuting or every day use. Some policies only allow use for car shows and club meet ups. Other policies let your drive your vehicle on regular, multi-day high mileage drives to a further show. More restrictive policies require you to haul or tow your car to a show.

Almost all policies require secure storage in a locked and enclosed building like a garage or shed to keep your investment safe.

A major difference in classic and collector car insurance is special towing and spare parts.  Not every tow company is trained on how to tow a classic car or have the correct equipment to do so. As your insurer it is our job to know who has the best reputation and can handle the task. Also, your coverage will help you with the hard to find parts such as wheels, engines, or transmissions.   Finding the right policy to cover your passion of classic cars shouldn’t be hard. Give us a call and we will help guide you through the steps of finding the perfect policy for you.